E-M1 Mk.II Setup Cheat Sheet

Version 1.11, Firmware 1.3

This cheat sheet is based on a full article on the subject, where you can find explanations of all camera settings and rationale behind most choices.
Recent Updates:
1.11 2017/06/06 Major changes, mostly in controls (button assignment)
Menu Item R C Factory Default Wrotniak's Choice Remarks
1 1 Shooting Menu 1 Basic image settings
1.1 Reset / Custom Modes All settings are affected by operations performed here
1.1.1 Reset - - - - Performs Reset: Basic or Full
1.1.2 Assign to Custom Mode F - - - Full Reset clears this assignment
1.1.3 Recall from Custom Mode - - - - -
1.2 Picture Mode BF C 3 Natural 3 Natural Select the Picture Mode used
1.2.1 1 i-Enhance F C 0|0|0|N|S -1|0|0|N|S Set the processing parameters for individual selectable Picture Modes.

Symbols for Modes 2-5 show Sharpness|Contrast|Saturation|Gradation.

Selectable modes are chosen in ???.7.3.

All functionality of this submenu can be also accessed from the Super Control Panel.

1.2.2 2 Vivid F C 0|0|0|N -2|0|0|N
1.2.3 3 Natural F C 0|0|0|N -1|-1|0|N
1.2.4 4 Muted F C 0|0|0|N 0|-1|-1|N
1.2.5 5 Portrait F C 0|0|0|N -1|-2|-1|N
1.2.6 M Monochrome F C 0|0|N|N|N -1|-1|Or|N|N
1.2.7 C Custom F C N|0|0|0|N N|-1|-1|0|A
1.2.8 e-Portrait - - - -
1.3 BF C L-N L-SF Size & Compression
1.4 Image Aspect BF C 4:3 4:3
1.5 Digital teleconverter BF C Off Off
1.6 Drive, Self-timer, Time-lapse
1.6.1 BF C Drive: Single Frame
1.6.2 Intrvl. Sh. / Time Lapse BF - Off Off
2 2 Shooting Menu 2 Special Functions and Modes
2.1 Bracketing BF C Off Off
2.1.1 AE Bkt BF C - 3f 0.7 EV
2.2 HDR BF C Off Off
2.3 Multiple Exposure BF - Off Off Sub-menu: don't bother
2.4 Keystone Comp. BF C Off Off Perspective correction.
2.5 Anti-Shock [] / Silent []
2.5.1 Anti-Shock [] F C [] 0 sec [] 1/4 sec
2.5.2 Silent [] F C [] 0 sec Off
2.5.3 Noise Reduction [] F C Off Off
2.5.4 Silent [] Mode Settings F C No No Beep AF Illuminator F C No No Flash Mode F C No No
2.6 High Res Shot
2.6.1 High Res Shot F C 0 sec 4 sec
2.6.2 Charge time F C 0 sec 0 sec For non-dedicated flash units.
2.7 RC Mode BF C Off Off
3 Video Menu As I don't shoot video, I'm not filling this
4 Playback Menu Nothing to set here
5 Custom Menu Camera customization, to be set once and (hopefully) forgotten
A1 AF/MF (1/3)
A1.1 AF Mode BF C S-AF S-AF
A1.2 AEL/AFL BF C S:1|C:2|M:1 S:1|C:1|M:3
A1.3 AF Scanner BF C Mode 2 Mode 2
A1.4 C-AF Lock BF C 0 0
A1.5 AF Limiter BF C Off Off Skipping sub-menu
A1.6 Settings BF C All ,  always included
A1.7 AF Area Pointer BF C On1 On1
A2 AF/MF (2/3)
A2.1 AF Targeting Pad BF C Off Off
A2.2 Set Home
A2.2.1 AF Mode BF - Off S-AF
A2.2.2 BF - On, On,
A2.2.3 BF - On On
A2.3 Custom Settings
A2.3.1 Set 1 BF C Set 1st item; others will auto-adjust
A2.3.2 Set 2 BF C Off Off
A2.4 AF Illuminator BF C On On
A2.5 Face Priority F C i Off
A2.6 AF Focus Adjustment BF C Off Off Don't touch this!
A3 AF/MF (3/3)
A3.1 Preset MF distance BF C 999.9 m 999.9 m
A3.2 MF Assist F C Off | Off oFF | On Magnify and Peaking
A3.3 MF Clutch BF C On On
A3.4 Focus Ring BF C
A3.5 Bulb/Time Focusing BF C On Off
A3.6 Reset Lens BF C On On
B Button/Dial/Lever
B.1 Button Function I'm not showing buttons on battery holder
B.1.1 F C
B.1.2 F C Multi Function Multi Function High & Shad, Color Creator
B.1.3 F C REC
B.1.4 F C
B.1.5 F C
B.1.6 F C AF home
B.1.7 F C IS Mode
B.1.8 F C Off Factory: AF Area
B.1.9 F C Off
B.1.10 F C Off
B.1.11 F C AF Stop
B.2 Dial Function
B.2.1 P (Program) F C Ps|
Rear and front dial, lever at 1 or 2:


The 2×2 layout used here is the same as that in camera's setting screens

B.2.2 A (Aperture Priority) F C FNo|
B.2.3 S (Shutter Priority) F C Sh|
B.2.4 M (Manual) F C Sh|FNo
B.2.5 Menu F C | |
B.2.6 F C |Prev/Next |Prev/Next
B.3 Dial Direction F C Dial1 | Dial1 Dial1 | Dial2
B.4 Fn Lever Settings
B.4.1 Fn Lever Function F - Mode 1 Mode 1
B.4.2 Switch Function F - Off On Buttons on fake rewind knob
B.5 Fn Lever / Power Lever F - Fn Fn Use Fn Lever for power on/off
B.6 Elec. Zoom Speed F C Normal Normal
C1 Release//IS (1/2)
C1.1 Release Priority S BF C Off Off
C1.2 Release Priority C BF C On On
C1.3 L Settings
C1.3.1 / BF C 10 | Off 6 | 24 Rate | Sequence
C1.3.2 BF C 18 | Off 6 | 24
C1.3.3 BF C 18 | 8 | 25 15 | 12 | 36 Rate | Pre-Shutter | Sequence
C1.4 H Settings
C1.4.1 / BF C 15 | Off 15 | 60 Rate | Sequence
C1.4.2 BF C 60 | Off 15 | 60
C1.4.2 BF C 60 | 14 | 25 15 | 12 | 60 Rate | Pre-Shutter | Sequence
C2 Release//IS (2/2)
C2.1 Image Stabilizer BF C S-IS Auto S-IS Auto
C2.2 Image Stabilization F C FPS priority FPS priority
C2.3 Half-Way Rls with IS F - On On
C2.4 Lens IS Priority BF C Off On
D1 Disp//PC (1/4)
D1.1 Control Settings
D1.1.1 iAuto F C Live Guide Live SCP
D1.1.2 P/A/S/M F C Live SCP Live SCP
D1.1.3 Art F C Art Menu Art Menu
D1.2 / Info Settings
D1.2.1 Info BF C 1, 2 1, 2 Image only, Overall
D1.2.2 Info F - 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 Frame, Scroll, Select
D1.2.3 LV Info F C 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 Image Only, , Level Gauge
D1.2.4 Settings F C 3, 5, 6 3, 6 5x5, Calendar
D1.3 Picture Mode Settings F C All 1..7, 9 Art Filters only in Bracketing
D1.4 Settings F C 2-6,8,9,13,16,19 3,5,6,9,13,16,19
D1.5 Multi Function Settings F C 1, 4-7 1, 6 Tonal Curve always included
D2 Disp//PC (2/4)
D2.1 Live View Boost
D2.1.1 Manual Shooting BF C On1 On1
D2.1.2 Bulb / Time BF C On2 On2
D2.1.3 Live Composite BF C Off Off
D2.1.4 Others BF C Off Off This is what you use most!
D2.2 Art LV Mode F C Mode 1 Mode 1
D2.3 Frame Rate BF C Normal Normal
D2.4 LV Close Up Settings Magnified preview
D2.4.1 LV Close Up Mode F C Mode 2 Mode 1
D2.4.2 Live View Boost F C Off On
D2.5 Settings
D2.5.1 Lock F C Off On DOF button as a toggle
D2.5.2 Live View Boost F C Off On [Off] does not work right ?
D2.6 Flicker Reduction F C Auto Auto
D3 Disp//PC (3/4)
D3.1 Grid Settings
D3.1.1 Display Color F C Preset 1 Preset 1 Black
D3.1.2 Displayed Grid F C Off 3x3
D3.1.3 Apply Settings to EVF F C On On
D3.2 Peaking Settings
D3.2.1 Peaking Color F C Red Red
D3.2.2 Highlight Intensity F C Normal High
D3.2.3 Image Brightness Adj. F C Off Off
D3.3 Histogram Settings F C 255 | 0 252 | 2
D3.4 Mode Guide F C Off Off
D3.5 Selfie Assist F C On Off
D4 Disp//PC (4/4)
D4.1 BF C On On
D4.2 HDMI Video output
D4.2.1 Output Size F - 1080p 1080p
D4.2.2 HDMI Control F - Off Off
D4.2.3 Output Frame Rate - - 60p Priority 60p Priority
D4.3 USB Mode BF - Auto Auto Storage if Olympus Capture not used
E1 Exp/ISO/BULB/ (1/3)
E1.1 Exposure Shift F C 0 | 0 | 0 -1/6|-1/6| 0
E1.2 EV Step BF C 1/3 1/3
E1.3 ISO Step BF C 1/3 1
E1.4 ISO-Auto Set
E1.4.1 Upper Limit / Default BF C 6400 | 200 6400 | 200
E1.4.2 Lowest S/S setting BF C Auto Auto
E1.5 ISO-Auto F C P/A/S/M P/A/S
E1.6 Noise Filter BF C Standard Low
E1.7 Noise Reduction BF C Auto Off
E2 Exp/ISO/BULB/ (2/3)
E2.1 Bulb/Time Timer BF C 8 min 8 min
E2.2 Bulb/Time Monitor F C -7 -7
E2.3 Live Bulb F C Off Off Preview during exposure
E2.4 Live Time F C 0.5 sec 4 sec
E2.5 Composite Settings F C 1 sec 1 sec
E3 Exp/ISO/BULB/ (3/3)
E3.1 Metering BF C
E3.2 AEL Metering BF C Auto
E3.3 Spot Metering BF C 1, 2, 3 - AE spot stays where you've put it
F Custom
F.1 X-Sync. BF C 1/250 1/250
F.2 Slow Limit BF C 1/60 1/60
F.3 + Off Off
F.4 + WB F C
G /WB/Color
G.1 Set BF C LF|LN|MN|SN LSF|LSF|LSF|LSF Yes, four times LSF!
G.2 Pixel Count
G.2.1 Middle BF C 3200x2400 3200x2400 Irrelevant
G.2.1 Small BF C 1280x960 1280x960
G.3 Shading Comp. BF C Off On Vignetting correction (JPEG)
G.4 WB BF C Auto Auto All corrections at zero!
G.5 All F C 0 | 0 0 | 0
G.6 Keep Warm Color BF C Off On
G.7 Color Space BF C sRGB sRGB
H1 Record/Erase (1/2) Image file storage
H1.1 Card Slot Settings
H1.1.1 Save settings F C Standard Dual Same ??? Card Usage
H1.1.2 Save Slot F C 1 - Setting disablec
H1.1.3 Save Slot F C 1 2 I'm not shooting movies anyway
H1.1.4 Slot F C 1 1
H1.1.5 Assign Save Folder F C - -
H1.2 File Name F C Reset Auto
H1.3 Edit File Name
H1.3.1 sRGB F C x|Off|Off|Off All sRGB file names will start from 'X'
and Adobe — from '_'
H1.3.2 Adobe RGB F C Off|Off|Off
H1.4 dpi Settings F C 350 350 A meaningless value.
H1.5 Copyright Settings
H1.5.1 Copyright Info F C Off On
H1.5.2 Artist Name F C - ...
H1.5.3 Copyright Name F C - ...
H1.6 Lens Info Settings F C - - Add current lens to "known" list
H2 Record/Erase (2/2)
H2.1 Quick Erase BF C Off Off Skip confirmation
H2.3 Priority Set BF C No Yes Default answer (under cursor)
I.1 EVF Auto Switch F - On On
I.2 EVF Adjust Brightness and color
I.2.1 EVF Auto Luminance F C On On
I.2.2 EVF Adjust F C 0 | 0 0 | 0
I.3 EVF Style F - 3 2
I.4 Info Settings F C 1, 2, 3 2, 3 Custom1 and Custom2
I.4.1 Custom1 F C 1 1 ( ) Histogram only
I.4.2 Custom2 F C 1 3 (Level Gauge) Level Gauge only
I.5 EVF Grid Settings F C - Disabled by D3.1.3
I.6 Half Way Level F C On On
I.7 S-OVF BF C Off Off Can be assigned to Multi-Button
J1 Utility (1/2)
J1.1 Pixel Mapping - - - - Not a setting
J1.2 Press-and-hold Time F C A sub-menu of 17 (!) items; leave all at 0.7 s
J1.3 Level Adjust F - - - Level Gauge calibration
J1.4 Touchscreen Settings F - On Off Touch disabled
J1.5 Menu Recall F C Recall Recall Persistent menu position
J2 Utility (2/2)
J2.1 Battery Settings
J2.1.1 Battery Priority F C PBH Battery PBH Battery
J2.1.2 Battery Status F C - - Diagnostics
J2.2 Backlit LCD BF C Hold 1 min
J2.3 Sleep BF C 1 min 3 min
J2.4 Auto Power Off BF C 4 h 1 h
J2.5 Quick Sleep Mode B C Off Off Still, try this out!
J2.6 Eye-Fi F - On Off
J2.7 Certification - - - -
6 Setup Menu
6.1 Card Setup - - - - Format, Delete All
6.2 - C Y/M/D Y/M/D Time and Date
6.3 - - English English Language
6.4 F C 0 | 0 | N 0 | 0 | N Monitor adjustment
6.5 Rec View F C .5 sec 2 sec
6.6 Wi-Fi Settings F C - -
6.7 Firmware - - - - 1.3
B = Affected by Basic Reset; F = Affected by Full Reset; C = Stored in Custom slot
For more explanations see the full article).

Posted 2017/03/15, last updated 2017/07/14 Copyright © 2017 by J. Andrzej Wrotniak