Olympus E-M1 Mk.II and ZD 50/2.0

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This is not one of μFT lenses, but the other ones voted it in as a honorary member. Seriously, this Four Thirds macro works just fine on both E-M1 bodies, with great resolution and satisfactory AF swiftness snd precision (not matching the OM-D line AF, but as good as it was on better E-Series FT bodies).

Only E-M1 (both versions) has sensor-based phase-detection AF; on other μFT bodies the AF with this lens will be less responsive. Well, I've used it on the tiny E-PM2 (Pen Mini), the AF was slow and jerky, but accurate.

Of course, to mount this lens on a μFT body, you have to use an appropriate adapter. Olympus offered a few models; the one I have is MMF-3.

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F = 50 mm

Full frame, reduced, at F/8








Everything as expected: very good, if with just a hint of softness, at F/2.0 (note lower contrast, too), almost there at F/2.8, first-class at F/4.0 and staying so (almost) to F/11, with unavoidable diffraction kicking in above that.

Actually, the lens is capable of using the 50-megapixel resolution of the Olympus sensor-shift HR mode; see here.

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My other articles related to the Olympus OM-D System.

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