Hello. I am Andrzej Wrotniak, and this is my Web site. It has been around for a while — since 1995.

If this is your first visit here, have a look at my brief personal info, lest you talk (or listen) to a complete stranger.

Feel free to have a look around, or to check out some of my photographs, technical articles on photography, or Windows programs. And come back from time to time.

Yes, this is a cigarette I'm holding in this picture. I haven't smoked one since 2009, having painlessly switched to electronic ones.

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At present, 90% of this site space and traffic is used by my photography section, so if you are here, thc chances are you really wanted to be  there. The maintenaince and ongoing development are also largely limited to that part:

Photo: Semi-technical articles on photography (mostly, but not only, digital), equipment reviews, news commentary, and a section on classic Exakta cameras.
The Gallery: A selection of photographs from various times and places, digital or scanned from film. American West, North Carolina, Mexico, Poland, Japan, Uzbekistan and more...

Then, there are some of my older pages, grouped in a number of sections; I'm stil doing some periodic cleanups on them, hoping that some people may find them useful, educational, or entertaining. So, here is the "old stuff":

What's New: These update notices refer to the "old" part of my site; what's new in the photo section can be found in the Photo News.
The Works: Some Windows programs I wrote: Kalkulator, Midget, Spheric, StatMaster, Mr.Matt, UpSnoop and more.

Sorry, I no longer offer registration keys to my former shareware, but all programs do work under newest Windows, and in January 2014 I will start providing free keys for all of them.

Going Places: Advice, recommendations and travel information on some places I know and like. Historic value mostly.
HP Palmtop Corner: For the users of HP LX 100/200 palmtop computers of early Nineties, a real blast from the past.
Must-have Software: Descriptions and Web links to my very few, very selected, personal favorites for Windows.

Interestingly, as old as these articles are, all these programs are still my favorites, and I haven't replaced a single one with a better alternative.

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