The Kalkulator for the Rest of Us

Midget is a calculator, the "Kalkulator for the Rest of Us". It provides most of the everyday capabilities of its more advanced sibling in a smaller, simpler, and cheaper package. It can be used as an ideal replacement for the crummy calculator applett included with Windows.
Using Midget is very simple. Just type in your expression, like "2/7-1/9" or "3 log 12-sqr 33", and hit the Enter key.

The result can be easily reformatted to various formats and precision levels. This includes, among others, displaying it as a fraction (e.g., "2 3/22") or in the deg/min/sec format. Yes, it also accepts deg/min/sec on input.

The result can be also converted between different units of measurements, for example from ft/sec to km/h. All this is hidden behind an elegant and inobtrusive user interface.

Midget remembers previously entered expressions, so that they can be recalled, modified or corrected, and recomputed. It also allows to store calculation results in memory locations (variables) and to use them in other calculations.

You can download Midget from here and try on your computer without any hassle. The program does not create or modify any files outside its folder. In the unlikely case you would like to "uninstall" it from your system, just delete that folder.

Midget will work on any Windows from 95 to Windows 8 — 32 or 64-bit (for Vista and later: see the note below).

[Download] midget-inst.exe Version 1.36, 2003/02/15

This is a self-extracting installation of Midget; the easiest way to put it on your computer.

[Download] midget.zip The same version as a zip archive, if you prefer to install Midget manually. Unpack it into a separate folder, preferably on top of the previous version.

Click here if you are still running Windows 3.1.

If you are already using Midget, here is the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Under Windows Vista, 7, and 8, Midget may experience a problem when trying to save its configuration to disk: Windows (in its default, idiot-proof setup) does not allow an application to create or modify any files inside its own folder if it is nested inside Program Files or Program Files (x86). This limitation can be lifted by changing Windows settings, or Midget can be simply installed elsewhere.

Note: Midget registration keys are not currently available until further notice. If you used PayPal to procure a registration, please cancel the payment. When the full functionality is again available, a notification will be posted here.

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