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The MZD 75-300/4.8-6.7 lens (now in Version II) is among the most underrated lenses for the μFT system. True, its performance is no match for the premium 300 mm, F/4 PRO, but it is sufficient for far more than casual snapshots. Combine this with the weight and price factors, and you get an offer which is hard to resist.

Here are some real-life image samples, shot with this lens on an Olympus E-M1 (original Mk.I). The lens is also in its first (not updated) version.

All these images come from a vacation trip to South Dakota. No tripod was used, and the shared camera settings include:

  • Image Stabilization on;
  • Single AF mode;
  • Natural Picture Mode: sharpness at -2, contrast at -1, saturation at 0, noise filtering at Low;
  • White Balance set to Sunny (5300K);
  • Aperture priority with pattern metering;
  • Images saved as LSF (native-size, 1:2.7) JPEGs with 3:2 aspect ratio.

More real-life image samples for this lens can be found in a similar page using the E-M5. Samples using my lakeside scene are available for the E-M1 and E-M1 Mk.II; for the latter check also the Bookshelf samples.

300 mm, -.7 EV, 1/2500 s at F/8.0, ISO 400 — [full frame]
208 mm, -.7 EV, 1/400 s at F/7.1, ISO 400 — [full frame]
171 mm, 0 EV, 1/640 s at F/8.0, ISO 200 — [full frame]
164 mm, -.7 EV, 1/320 s at F/10, ISO 640 — [full frame]
150 mm, -.3 EV, 1/800 s at F/6.3, ISO 200 — [full frame]
300 mm, -.3 EV, 1/1600 s at F/6.7, ISO 200 — [full frame]
75 mm, -.7 EV, 1/1250 s at F/11, ISO 400 — [full frame]
300 mm, -.7 EV, 1/1250 s at F/11, ISO 400 — [full frame]
Same as above, postprocessed in PSP 2018[full frame]

Well, well , well. Even at its expected weakest, 300 mm and fully open (prairie dog picture), the lens behaves respectfully at least. The peripheral areas of the Sitting Bull image look good, too. Last but not least — try to shoot Mt. Rushmore from the distance of 3.3 km (more than 2 miles) with any other lens below 2 grand...

My other articles related to the Olympus OM-D System.

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